Martha Langer

Pear Ink Design is not a large agency, a team of brainstorming creatives, or a high tech digital graphics machine. It’s me – Martha Langer. I've been working as a freelance designer for over twelve years, managing dozens of projects at a time, tackling technical issues, and schmoozing clients and colleagues all the while. In the process, I have had the pleasure of working for and partnering with many talented individuals. I enjoy the spectrum of work I encounter each day, as well as the technical challenges of this constantly changing digital age. I began with an arts & language education. I traveled into the newspaper industry (paste up!), to agency work, back to art school, through the DotCom world to finally land here - at my desk, working for myself. I’m thankful for the great success I have had in life, so much of which I attribute to my love of design, my dedication to providing my clients with a quality final piece, and plain old hard work. From first meeting to final product I have proven that I have the skills to complete the task, satisfy the client and play nicely with their budget. All while having a great time, and even possibly, with a cat sitting on my mousepad.

When I’m not designing, I teach at All That Matters. Yoga is another passion of mine, and I credit it with saving my sanity, increasing my creativity and making me a happier human being. I live and work in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and I do my best to enjoy each day by stepping away from the desk, and taking time to run, sail and travel. I’m happily married with two cats, perhaps one more on the way. Thank you for taking time to learn more about me and my work.